Spring 2016

For this quarter, I delved into the world of online and visual journalism and had a chance to explore Soundcloud, Photoshop, graphic design, and more. From blogs to tweets, here is my online and visual journos portfolio.

Podcast: Making It In Music

For this article, I researched the music scene at the University of Denver and discovered an entire underground DJ culture. DU’s DJ’s are making their own music, performing at local venues (and getting paid for it) and slaving away for their art. In this article and the attached podcast I recorded, I explore this world.


Online News Story: Transfer Students: Changing a Fool’s Paradise to a School’s Paradise

Here, I explored DU’s transfer students, both in and out. Why did they transfer? Why DU? Why not DU? I took to the streets (Evans and University, that is) to find out more about our very own transfer students.


Video Project: Downtown Skate: The Denver Skate Park

For this project, my partner Anna Bernard and I, investigated the culture of Denver’s skate parks. We talked to skaters, watched in awe as they alley-ooped around us and tried to get a sense of their lives in and out of the skatepark.


University Park’s Construction: Digging Some Holes, Filling Others

This five-shot sequence and essay details the construction around the University of Denver neighborhood. Does the construction in the area provide opportunity for the growing neighborhood or take away from its history? We walked around and snapped hundreds of pictures to try and find out.


Mini Portfolio: #DigitalJournos Blog Posts:

  1. Now’s News: Pluto, Game of Thrones, Microhotels and More

2. The Newest in the News: Summer Flicks, Small Colleges & More

3. Rockstars & Skate Parks: The Digital Journos Finale