In the realm of online, visual and digital journalism, each day brings news, change and an updates to everyday life. March 28th to April 8th was no exception. From Pluto to vertical harvesting to the release of an illustrated guide outlining all the deaths in Game of Thrones, the past three weeks have been stalked with cyber stories.

Praising Pluto

Pluto, the farthest not-planet from the Sun, has been all the rage since July 14, 2015, when NASA’s New Horizons flew by Pluto and took the closest and best images of the dwarf planet to date. Since then, as summarized and illustrated by Kenneth Change via the New York Times article, ‘What We’ve Learned About Pluto,’ more on the dwarf’s sideways moons, methane ice and ice volcanoes has surfaced, enchanting Pluto enthusiasts.

Humble Hotels

A new phenomenon in travel was written on by the New York Times on March 21, exploring the concept of “microhotels”. These miniature rooms are gaining traction and becoming increasingly popular, according to Amy Zipkin’s article. With rooms as small as 65 square feet, microhotels are being used to save money, by both customers and businesses. Companies like CitizenM and Yotel first popularized the tiny concept, hoping to capitalize on appeals to save money, curb the booming hotel market and even increase more environmentally friendly travel.

Leveling Local

On March 26, the New York Times engaged an article on how Verticle Harvest developed a way to supply local produce in Jackson, Wyoming. In a place where green and soil are frozen over for the majority of the year, finding local produce is difficult for Jacksonites. By using hydroponic methodology, this “patient capital” company grows produce in a three-story, 4,500 square foot greenhouse no matter the season. Next, Vertical Harvest has plans to open restaurants and markets inside the greenhouse, using the fresh and local produce.

Water Wealth

On March 30th, Denver, Colorado experienced a snow storm ending the mild March the usually-snowy city had. Helping to alleviate stress on water supplies, the Denver Post’s article on the benefits of the flurry, highlighted the ways the snow may save the 303’s summer. While the city’s population and Gov. Hickenlooper have been exploring ways to accommodate shrinking supplies of H2O with growing demands for an increasing populace, this storm came as a pleasant surprise. Now, the Denver area will have a relatively substantial amount of water through late July.

Monday’s Minutes

Each week, the New York Times published a compilation of short news updates. The April 4th debrief detailed the presidential election, the Panama Papers, drug wars and crime and more. With a general news section, a business section, a section on events having happened over the weekend and other notable news, the NYT Now offers a theSkimm-like production of the latest happenings to give its readers just enough to stay updated without spending myriad time consuming news.

Deadly Drawings

Last week’s April 4th, digital production by the Washington Post, brought an illustrated and interactive guide to all 704 deaths in Game of Thrones, separated by season and relevance of characters. Despite spoilers (for those who haven’t caught up), this depiction of death tells viewers the number of deaths per season (S1: 59, S2: 130, S3: 87, S4: 182 and S5: 246), how they died and the context surrounding their death. Fans of the show can now easily reflect and remember the specificities of Game of Thrones‘ twisted and complex storyline in anticipation for the season 6 premier on April 24th.

Financing Femininity

On April 6th, Glamour released a video comparing the costs of getting ready between men and women. This digitization of the cost of being a woman shows the gender bias present in production and consumption as well as in importance placed on looks. For men, getting ready costs significantly more than it does for women. Now we know, being a woman costs more while women still get paid less.


No matter your time allowance, your interests or your ability to stay up-to-date, #digitaljournos will have your back in tweeting the latest and greatest news, near and far (at least for the next 7 weeks).





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