Fall 2016 Works

As the capstone to the University of Denver’s Strategic Communications major, each student participates in a public relations seminar. During these seminars, professors choose a real-world client for the students to work in teams to develop a campaign plan for. These campaign plans include research, research analysis, curation of strategic plans and materials such as event planning documents, press releases, invitations, and more, development of tactical materials, client presentations, budgets, and evaluation strategies. Each team is comprised of six students. Every student interviews for their position and is responsible for the success of their assignments as it contributes to the overall project.

During Fall 2016, my public relations seminar worked with the nonprofit, GRID Alternatives, to develop a campaign plan which would be used to enable the organization to raise $1 million for its workforce development program from Q1 of 2017 to Q4 of 2019. In my team, Octopi Relations, I was awarded the position of Account Executive. I was responsible for the creation and articulation of strategic plans, objectives, goals, overall strategies and tactics. Here, you will find my team’s work throughout this quarter.


Campaign Plan

Our campaign plan consists of all the necessary aspects in accomplishing GRID Alternatives goal of raising $1 million for the workforce development program. This includes an executive summary, SWOT analysis, overview of key publics, breakdown of strategies and tactics, campaign calendar, proposed budget, evaluation and necessary appendices.


Tactical Materials: Winter Gala

This tactical materials overview is a rundown of all that will go into the hosting of a winter gala by GRID Alternatives. This aspect of the project focuses on event planning with more details according to the tactics previously proposed.


I would like to give special thanks to Kellsie Brannen, Clara Meek, Lindsay Miner, Olivia Sheehan and Matthew Lambrecht for all their work in contributing to the success of this project with me.