In the last three weeks news stories have been developing here in Colorado, across the nation and around the world. For those that have been avoiding their smartphones, their tablets and their laptops, Twitter’s hashtag #digitaljournos from the University of Denver’s Online & Visual Journalism students is here to keep you current.

Colleges & Their Cash Flow

The New York Times reported on small colleges and their ability, or inability, to afford the costs of keeping their doors open to students. Since the recession, small liberal arts colleges have been financially struggling, having to resort to cutting majors out of programs, firing professors and cutting programs all together.

Colorado’s Care Crisis

Recently, the New York Times explained to its audience the current debate in Colorado over health care with the mile-high state planning to institute universal coverage for all its residents. Annually, this would cost residents approximately $38 billion in taxes but would guarantee health care coverage for everyone in the state.

The NFL Draft Explained

This week, The Denver Post helped out football’s casual fans by explaining the NFL draft. By relieving the stress many part-time football fans have about which college players are really up-and-coming, how they’re picked and in what order the rounds are determined, this guide will allow anyone to keep up with even Mike Ditka this season.

UC Davis’ Chancellor Has Been Chopped

After Wednesday, UC Davis’ Chancellor Katehi has been put on administrative leave, as reported by The LA Times, sparking questions across the academic community. Katehi is now being investigated for misallocating funds, media coverups and even hiring family members improperly. Once a renowned educator, Katehi has shocked thousands in her missteps.

Spending Summer at the Movies

Much to the pleasure of digital journalists across the country, The LA Times published a list of all this summer’s flicks with trailers and digital supplements attached. With everything from Captain America: Civil War to Disney’s Finding Dory, everything you and everyone you know will want to see is covered here.

The End of the Importance of Endorsement

Recent polls and a report by USA Today has dismantled the importance of media endorsement in affecting voters’ choices in the upcoming presidential elections. Accordingly, if the amount and magnitude of media endorsements by newspapers and other news sources actually had an impact on how voters are voting, Kasich would be leading the election race.


Now you know. Stay tuned with #digitaljournos to find out everything you’re missing, three weeks at a time.


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